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Association of Tax Advisors

Global Tax News at http://www.taxationnews.comTax Publications publish a growing number of websites which can benefit your tax firm. We have therefore founded a central website and the Association of Tax Advisors as one central location where you can register with us and keep your record with us up to date.

For more information about the association visit the members site at or the promotional site at

Our aim at Tax Publications is to help tax advisors from a growing number of countries around the world promote themselves online.

Promoting your tax business can be done by directory listings, listing on specialist websites, such as Tax Enquiry sites, publishing news and articles and a number of other resources.

Our aim is to help you obtain more clients and expand your business.

We also aim to help with other issues, such as news about up to date tax issues and topic.

Find and promote tax job vacancies through a number of our sites including a number of sites dedicated to jobs in taxation, and UK tax jobs.

It's free to register with the Association of Tax Advisors. Certain services are subscription based (optional).

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So work with us or advertise through Tax Publications and see your tax business grow! 


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