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In 2010 we are expanding dramatically.

New for 2010 is our Taxation site.

The site launched in March 2010 is already featuring the latest tax news and updates from tax authorities in the UK, Canada, Australia and we are working on the USA and other counties at present.

Taxation News aims to be the leading site for the latest tax news around the world we recommend you visit our central tax news website on

Global tax news is changing all the time. News from tax authorities around the globe is being released daily. The Taxation News website aims to bring you the latest tax news as it is released.

You can see a list of the countries that we are intending to cover tax news from at

Tax Publications Limited publishes a growing portfolio of tax news related websites.

Tax news is one of those important tax resouces.

If you are interested in submitting tax news and commentary on tax news site this can be done in one of two ways.

Members of the Association of Tax Advisors a growing international network of tax advisors can submit newsAssociation of Tax Advisors  | International Members and updates to the Taxation News site via the login members sections of There are two login sections on the association "individual members" and "member firms". Once approved as an editorial contributors you would be able to submit news to the site.

The second way to submit news is via the Tax Publications website. You would first need to register with us and indicate which of our sites you would like to submit news, articles or directory listings in. Again one approved you can login here and submit content to a number of our tax related websites. Link building, get more exposure online. Promote your tax knowledge and tax services.Tax Blog | Tax Publications Central Tax Blog

These resources are a superb way to promote your tax practice or firm and tax specific skill and knowledge online.

In some countries preparing articles for publication also qualified for "structured" CDP points so in addition to promoting your business online you are gaining importing CDP, whilst also updating and expanding your tax knowledge and skills. 

You can follow our Blog updates at our central blog for all our tax websites.

We are building a global network of tax related websites and a global network of tax advisors.

If you are interested in being part of that global network get in touch with us.

You can also register on this website to express and interest in working with us to promote your tax business online. It is free to register with us. Some our optional services and promotional facilities are subscription based.

Work with Tax Publications to develop your online presence and tax related skills.  


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